• Nicholas J. Weyrens

    Nicholas J. Weyrens

    Husband. Dad. Pastor. Ole Miss Rebel. I look best with a mustache.

  • Jonathan Cuthbert

    Jonathan Cuthbert


  • Matthew Watts

    Matthew Watts

    Likes asking What if? / What about? / Why not? questions to help others.

  • Alan Noble

    Alan Noble

    Editor-in-Chief at Christ & Pop Culture, Associate Professor of English, Oklahoma Baptist University, author of Disruptive Witness (IVP '18) & #hcqa1.

  • Clifton Means

    Clifton Means

  • Joshua Wu

    Joshua Wu

  • Chris Zaugg

    Chris Zaugg

    Software guy, husband, dad, musician, sports lover and leader of a phenomenal group of people at Uptick! Life is awesome!

  • Sanctified Literati

    Sanctified Literati

    Searching for cracks in the seculum, between Cross & Kingdom come.

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